Day 2 into our voyage to St Petes............

We made good speed the first day out and had to pick our way through the ditch they call the Intercoastal Waterway in Florida. There were constant reports on the radio of sailboats that were aground and needed to be towed off. We were very fortunate yesterday and today to not run aground. We went through some areas that showed 5-6 feet and out keel is 5 ft deep. We are hoping to punch out and sail off shore as soon as tides, weather and inlet timing permit. We anchored at Pine Island last night just north of St Augustine. It was a beautiful place and the sunset was beautiful. We were lucky to travel this leg of our trip with another Westsail 32 that had a bit better cruising speed than us and they were very helpful in reporting favored channels and shallow water to watch out for. Thank you Don and Margaret for joining us on the maiden voyage and being so helpful. If you read this before you get to 804 the new markers are in place and you should honor them to avoid the shallow areas that have been grounding boats there. It has been a real learning curve to captain this vessel in these narrow, shallow waters. I am so looking forward to punching out to open water for a few days. Tonight we are in Palm Coast at a marina and we had hot showers and a great pizza and a few beers for dinner. There is a significant amount of daily maintenance to make sure that Mary Rose is taken care of so she will take care of us. The Admiral has done a great job learning to navigate and gives the captain good reliable information as we traverse the ICW. The days are long and casual with the constant alertness to depth, wind, speed, engine performance gauges, time and distance planning to be at a reliable anchorage or marina by nightfall. All this mental work makes for a good nights sleep. This is what we have been planning and our expectations are being met. All in a good hard days work for the captain!

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