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I have received a few e-mails from friends and family inquiring as to why I never post on the blog and as I have explained to them..Captain Don covers most of the days events so therefore there really isn't much else to report... but then today.... after reading Captain Don's closing remarks on today's blog... shall I say more??And the captain works so hard!! LOL!!! So I thought sharing a pic of the Captain at work may say more than words can..

This is what Captain Don does... he acts like he's a sailor in limbo... relaxing in his lazyboy (stadium chair) with his remote (autopilot) in one hand the VHF radio in the other belching out questions such as .."have you done the hourly checks on the wind, engine performance gauges, time and distance measurements, what's for lunch, did you tidy the deck lines and the best of all... where are we???" While he makes me proud of his abilities to be the Captain of this sailing vessel... I on the other hand perform the duties of deck hand, galley girl, navigator, watch captain, gauge monitor, watching for wave runners so they don't become speed bumps, swabby, manual anchor windlass, bridge hailer... well list goes on and on... however frequently the captain reminds me that these are all duties that I must learn and become proficient at before I can be promoted to captain myself so I can sit in the lazyboy too...

Strange thing is I am loving every minute of this adventure... this is a dream come true for both of us. We have nothing but respect for each other.

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