Up to date!

OK, now the blog is sort of up to date. My son Shane was very helpful in getting me to start this blog and now I wish we had started earlier. Now that it is somewhat up to date we will make regular entries that are more timely. Lana tells me she will post in the future and it will be in pink font so you will know it is her. I can assure you that she has a completely different perspective on this adventure than I. Even though our goals are aligned it is still different. While all is well and we are living aboard there is still much to do. The previous owner is a great guy (Captain Larry Sherwood, USMC, retired) and he has been a great deal of help. He has a boat load of extra parts and gear for Mary Rose. No pun intended. Most of the extra stuff is still in his yard and in his garden storage shed. We moved some of the stuff yesterday but there is much more. The most challenging to date was about 300 pounds of 3/8 galvanized anchor chain. Phewwwwww that was heavy. There is a long list hanging in the galley of work that needs to be done. None of it is critical to safety or sea worthiness. It is really different when your boat is also your home. If any of you would like to learn more about the Westsail 32 you may go to www.westsail.org. The Westsail 32 has a great history and is an interesting boat. We miss our families and friends and hope some of you will come to visit as we venture on our journey. Our current location will likely change within a few weeks. Lana is a dialysis nurse and will be accepting a travel nurse position here in Florida shortly. There is no rush as we would like to get some additional experience before we set off for long distance cruising aboard Mary Rose. We hope you enjoy the blog and hope to hear from you all. The biggest disappointment to date is that due to distance of the local ABC TV station and the lack of cable............WE MISSED DESPERATE HOUSE WIFEWIVES THIS PAST SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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