Finally a day away from the dock and sailing the old girl!

13 November 2007

Today was the first day that we took time to actually sail Mary Rose. Yesterday we stayed at the dock and the winds were perfect for raising the main sail while tied to the dock. This gave us an opportunity to get familiar with the jiffy reefing system and not be distracted by other things like really big boats, waves and hard stuff at the edges of the water. So today we motored out to the channel and sailed several miles with main and jib. We had a bit of a situation leaving the dock for the first time as the flawless captain of this ship and attentive crew failed to untie one of the dock lines. This boat has a huge prop walk to port and it was exaggerated by the bitter end of the secure dock line. Needless to say we became quite intimate with the boat to our port side. No damage except to the captains ego due to the audience that became attracted to our predicament. The flawless captain almost lost his crew after returning to dock as she slipped on the bow sprit and fell through the hole in it where the anchor chain goes. No serious damage other than minor bruises and the bashing of the captain's ego. All in all it was a great day and we had some serious fun.

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