Amelia Island, FL

We returned from Ft Lauderdale today. Ft Lauderdale was a bust for us. The area is very unfriendly to long term transient sailors (read liv-a-board). The traffic was terrible and the people seemed to be generally rude. Way too much hustle and bustle for the lifestyle we are currently enjoying on Amelia Island. One positive is that the average winter temps are much warmer than Northern FL. We drove back to Vero Beach last night and used program points for a free night with a huge breakfast this morning. Free is always good! On the way back to Amelia Island we stopped in Daytona and paid a visit to a local marina. We really liked the area and the marinas but there are over 400 people on the waiting lists...........so that put the damper on the idea of moving to the Daytona area. We had our first real home cooked meal aboard this evening. Yes, we have been having cereal breakfast and cold sandwiches but tonight was a COOKED meal. Lana gathered the fix'ns from the Food Lion and made some great chili! MMMMMMMMMM Yummy! It really hit the spot since it has been a bit cool here in the evenings. We are looking very hard at St Petersburg for our next location. There is availability at the marina and the area is a bit laid back with warmer average winter temps than NE Florida. We looked at crossing the state through the Okeechobee waterway to shave off hundreds of miles and several days off of sailing all the way around the tip of Florida. Well the preliminary news is not good. The depth of the waterway is too shallow for our sailboat due to lack of rain in the region. Please pray for rain for the next two weeks in central and southern Florida. Either way it looks like we will be leaving Amelia Island by December 1, and we will keep you all updated as plans progress.

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